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Identifying Multiple Outside Hood Panels


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I have 7 outside hood panels.  They were left when I took over a property and are in excellent condition.  I'm not sure which vehicles they belong too.  I'd like to find out so I'll know their make/model/value and put them up for sale and also if they are OEM or aftermarket hoods.  

Unfortunately, none of the hoods have VIN stickers.  Luckily, one has a sticker identifying it as a '99 Mustang Hood, but nothing else like if it is OEM, aftermarket, VIN, etc.

Several of them only have the emissions stickers. When googling the numbers on the emissions stickers, I'll find general information about the range of vehicles the outside hood panel could belong to.  What I'd like to know for these cases is if the outside hood panel would fit on that entire range of makes/models. 

Some do not have stickers at all.  How would I go about identifying which vehicles the outside hood panel will fit?  

TIA for any help!  I'm attaching pictures of under the hoods that actually do have stickers, emissions or otherwise.





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it would be helpful to see the actual hoods in question rather than just the stickers. The two Ford ones you posted are pickups, 2011 and 2008 model years. But without seeing the outsides of the hoods to get the shape, identifying the GM and Chrysler ones will be impossible.

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