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Aux/powered USB accessory slot

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I'm not looking to buy a new stereo or have a clutter of wires in my consol (and yes I know about Bluetooth radio transmitters) but I was wondering how one might put a USB slot in place of a 3.5 mm aux slot. I'm very good with electronics and soldering but not too great with all the wires in a car so that's where I'm looking for help.

So I've got a 2007 Ford Mustang, to make you more aware of my car console has-side by side-a cigarette lighter and 3.5 mm aux cord. When I bought my car my 3.5 mm jack Was bad, so it needs replaced anyways. I was wondering if I got a USB accessory slot would I be able to solder a few of the wires off the old 3.5 mm jack and run a few wires from the ciggarette lighter over and make a powered USB aux slot? Or is this going to take more than a couple soldered wires and a few bucks?

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