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Desperate need of a car and a sad girl!

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Clarisaa    0

Hi I'm Clarissa, 

I am only 15 years old and I am learning to get a permit.  My family is a family of six including four children.  My mom has a low-paying job trying to feed us and trying to feed my father every night and my father has a hard-working job that only pays in little.  I live in Southern California going to high school and achieving good grades.  Being the middle child I always have to provide my siblings my help.  My parents didn't go to college with the job that they have now.   I speak both languages English and Spanish.  I'm just in a desperate need of a car I would like to be able to learn how to drive and help my family but lately looking at the prices it's been very tough especially for my parents so I don't want any difficulty. Makes it disappointing is that none of the jobs I have a applied to have accepted my application which makes me very upset I hope to find a job maybe once I turn older. If you have any old car or any car for sald at a worthy cheap price please let me know I am very sad to know that I have not had good luck on what I want to achieve thank you. 

Contact for email 


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