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Hi people. Recently aquired this damaged car of my friend.

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Like the title says. Aquired a alfa romeo of my firend thats been damaged. Can any experts tell me how bad they think this is from the pictures. And what parts they think im likely to need. I know this isnt very good to do on a forum and easier to do by eye. But its a start. And how bad do you think it is? its been driven over a traffic island. Unrecorded damage


pictures included.


Thanks in advancepost-66052-0-47682700-1489356863_thumb.jpgpost-66052-0-20615200-1489356871_thumb.jpgpost-66052-0-27942100-1489356878_thumb.jpgpost-66052-0-40698100-1489356887_thumb.jpgpost-66052-0-95080900-1489356894_thumb.jpg


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It looks like you have your work cut out for you.  Your probably going to a mechanic and a body shop to do the major work, new tires, and a repair manual if you want to do some of the work yourself.

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On our website, we sell damaged cars and we can say exactly what it is missing to repair, but at the sight is not possible to make a diagnosis through the photos, nothing beyond that you will need wheels, headlights a radiator and possibly something of damping. Have you checked the electronics ?, the engine starts ?, are questions that are missing too.
We hope this help you.

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