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Alright, new guy here, but I've got a 95 Acura Integra I just picked up.

When jumped from the terminals (no battery in the vehicle currently because the battery was donezo) the car has no power what's so ever, engine doesn't click, no light, no nothing. The only thing that works are the hazards during a jump.

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Hi, I am Prasad V Chandrasekhar. I am in the field of car repair and service in Ernakulam Kerala India. for more info visit my site. Automaster car repair and service.


First of all dont jump through terminals with out a battery in the car. even if there is a battery which has no at all any current then jump start will not work. First of all you will have to fit a battery in good condition to the car. clean the terminals well and connect it. see how is it now. if it is not works then you will have to check the immobilizer.

check all the warning lights in the instrument cluster is on while you switch the car on with the key. if it not getting on then it might be a main fuse problem or it might be the main key switch.


so check it and come back

good luck

Prasad post-64015-0-63637500-1486114454_thumb.jpg

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