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2005 Dodge Stratus. Blower motor not working.

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I replaced my blower motor a few months ago only to have it only work on the 4th speed setting. Just recently my fan stopped working entiirely so I have just replaced the blower motor resistor (which did look bad) and this did not fix my issue anyways. I am at a dead end now. I have replaced the blower motor once before and now the resistor and none of my fuses are blown or bad. Can anyone please give me any ideas to what is going on?


Edit: I forgot to mention that my fan speed switch on the dash is not lighting up any more as it once did when I turned the a/c on by clicking it inwards.

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What kind of car is this? U changed the blower and resistor already the only thing left is the switch itself. Have you fixed the problem?


Edit: sorry dident catch it in the title. Seems like a blower-motor switch is the fix

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Hi I am Prasad V Chandrasekhar. I am in the field of car repair and services. for more info visit my site. Automaster car repair and service center in Ernakulam. kerala India.


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I think your car got a blower relay problem. Change it and see the result. If it is not working again then you will have to check the circuit it self for negative and positive current supply. Most of the cars blower fan motor is getting positive current through relay and negative current getting from ground itself. The speed control switch and the resistor are working in the negative supply. so check each and every thing with a test lamp.


Hope you understand my explanations.

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