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2006 mazda mpv crank no start

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Came out Saturday morning would not start would crank though thought it was fuel pump installed new one. Still wouldn't start. Bought code reader got a P0340 code installed a new camshaft position sensor and still will not start. Now run the code and I am getting some random 0 dtc and can not figure out what it means. Can not figure out why it will not start. Can anyone give me a direction on where to look next. Also just installed a new mass air flow sensor I'm beginning of the week new spark plugs and coil packs within the last 2 months but you never know could be one of the new things open to suggestions

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my guess is the key. this keys have special transponder chip that can go bad so it might broke and the car wont start because the computed doesn't recognize the key is the right key to start. do you have an anti theft security light flashing when you put the key in the on position?

if yes its the key. you might see it as a picture of a car with a key in it.


Ben H.

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Hi, I am Prasad V chandrasekhar. I am in the field of car repair and service. I have a service center in Ernakulam Kerala, India. For more info visit my site.


If the cars Immobilizer is not the problem may be it is the fuel pump not working. You just remove one of the spark plug and crank the engine, and see there is sparking coming out of spark plug wire. If the current is not coming then it is may be a fuse, or a crank sensor, if the spark plug getting current then look for fuel coming to the engine. if not then check the fuel pump relay, fuse and wiring connection up to the fuel pump. if the current is coming up to the fuel pump, then it is the pump it self is not working. change the pump.


good day


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