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Audi S1 vs Seat Leon Cupra vs new Polo Gti


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Thinking of chopping in the polo. I have 3 other cars in my crosshairs....a seat Leon cupra 2014 DSG, a 2016 polo GTI 6c manual, or an Audi S1...what you guys think?


Polo gti: 190bhp stock (don't know how well it would tune yet as remaps are not available, 236lbft, thoughts are around 250bhp, 300lbft. would be brand new factory order. 0-62 = 6.7 seconds.


Seat Leon cupra: 280bhp, 280lbft, remaps extremely well to 370bhp software only, 2ltr tsi rock solid engine from VAG, rock solid 6 speed wet clutch this time so no issues there, launch control etc, limited slip diff on the front wheels to help get the power down! 2014 reg, around 10k miles on the clock. 0-62 = 5.7 seconds. Would have most of the spec I'd like.


Audi S1: 231 BHP, 273lbft, 4 wheel drive. Tune very well to 315bph 350lbft. 0-62 = 5.8 seconds. Again, 1 year old (64 reg), wouldn't have all the spec I'd like.


What would you guys choose?


Ultimately I'd of liked a golf R but I can't afford one as of now.

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