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New Car Buying

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Since this is your first car I'll just assume you are going to be buying used. If you are considering buying new that would be my first but of advice; don't! Lots of unexpected factors come into play for young people buying their first car that aren't expected. For example, when I bought my first car I was making about $250/week and made the mistake of buying a Lexus that landed me with a $400/month payement. I was thinking "I make a grand a month and still live at home, so I can handle $400 no problem!" But then the insurance came in at around $200, then gas, and so on. Before I knew it almost all of my pay was going toward my car in one way or another and I had very little spending money left for clothes, going out, etc.


Keep all of these things in mind when buying your first car! The last thing you want is for it to change your lifestyle in a negative way rather than positive.

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if you're into racing, i'll say its the evo 9. if you're into driving a big family around, i'll say the toyota alphard or if you're going for a luxurious lifestyle, i'll say the audi A6.


personally, i like how this reviewer introduces the car as it gives me a clearer understanding of the car functions and its perfect for first time car buyers.








hope it helps!

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Thoroughly enjoyed reading your detailed review on your new acquisition! Congrats and happy driving! Impressed by your logical pruning of the contenders.

Like you, I too have been puzzled by the lack of competition to the Toyota Innova indonesia from AUTO2000 - I mean direct competition - I do not consider the likes of Ertiga as proper competition (no offence to those owners/fans). And sure there are worthy candidates internationally.

It does baffle me quite a bit that Toyota AUTO2000 has been allowed a free run over that segment.

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When it comes to buying your first car, always consider getting the best car in the market. Choose the best car you wish for. Trusted Lincoln car dealership in Covington, LA is one of the best dealerships and always excited to present the newest makes and models to their clients. Make sure to contact their website and check on this too.

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