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Help! Clicking/popping sound coming from front right when braking


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I recently brought my 2005 Pontiac G6 to the mechanic because of a clicking/popping sound that was coming from the front right of my car. Whenever I hit my brakes at low speeds, I'd hear the sound, but it would disappear once I took my foot off the brake pedal and got up to speed. I thought it might be an issue with my tie rods. The mechanic checked out my tie rods, and told me that not only did these need to be replaced but so did my steering rack, bushings, and sway bar ($1500 in repairs for this). I thought this would take care of the issue, but I still hear the sound when I brake. I'm kind of peeved because it cost so much to fix all of this and I'm still having the original problem! Any thoughts? My mechanic said they took a look at the brakes and didn't see any issues - of course, that was not what I thought the problem was so I don't think they spent a lot of time looking at them.


(Note: my brakes work just fine and I haven't noticed a change in how the pedal feels. However, last summer my brakes got stuck because the pads, calipers, and lines were completely rusted out without my knowing and they almost caught on fire. I had that all replaced less than a year ago, so I'm slightly worried that it has something to do with that.)


Any help would be appreciated! I really don't know much about cars..

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