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I am a teenager, looking for a used either SUV, truck or sedan(Preferably a SUV or truck). I have up to $35k but I would love to keep it under $32k. I live in the Northeast so it needs to have AWD or 4WD. Also I don't like Asian cars, I just don't think they look nice. Reliability is not really an issue. Mostly looking for a car with good looks and good features. I've been mostly looking at 2012-2014 Grand Cherokees, Explorers and F-150s.

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In the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Grand Cherokee many new configuration, there are three innovative equipment to help new Jeep Grand Cherokee combines a perfect road performance and off-road capability, creating the same level models of its most outstanding all-road capability.

First of all, it is a new four-wheel independent suspension front and rear, significantly improved highway driving and handling. IFS independent double-wishbone front suspension structure provides excellent lateral support and steering wheel tracking, ensuring precise steering; IRS Independent rear multi-link suspension structure, provide the greatest degree of road grip and driving stability. In addition, with the industry's top Quadra-Lift ™ air suspension system, create a class-leading road ride comfort feeling.

Secondly, it is rich Selec-Terrain all traffic mode selection system. The set of systems called the most intelligent in its class, a total provides automatic, sand / mud, sport, snow, rock and other five traffic patterns, traffic patterns is the same level of coverage of the most extensive systems. After the driver selected mode, the corresponding optimization control is to be started automatically adjusts torque distribution and body control for optimal vehicle performance under various road conditions. Meanwhile, the new Quadra-Lift ™ air suspension chassis lift the integrated system, with most of the same level of five height settings, the system can be based on the highest ride height of the parking mode, the vehicle lift 105 mm, so that ground The maximum clearance height to 270 mm. Selec-Terrain ™ full traffic mode selection system and a new Quadra-Lift ™ air suspension, can be described as a combination of gold, the two complement each other to ensure that the road, the best performance of the whole road and off-road perfect both the world's top adjustable ground clearance.http://fifa16.vipmmobank.com

I hope you can help a little :mellow:

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