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Buting first car soon... Impala 2015 vs 328i M sport?

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im buying my first car soon and dont know which car to choose from the ones i mentioned in the title and was hoping for some assisstance ... im no car expert but here are the reasons i want each ...

Impala - new design looks awsome (ext and int ) , powerful 3.6L V6 (compared to the 328i's I4 ), lotsof great features like the blind spot assist , has nav , good ground clearance (7.1 inch or somethin ).

328i M sport - even better design than the impala (especially the estirol blue with coral interior looks amazing ) , good but not as good as the V6 I4 engine , very comfortable cockpit , the on glass HUD , decent ground clearance (5.5 inch)(cuz i live in a place with lots of bumps ).

i know im probably missing lots of technical and important stuff but that why im here ...

can u guys help me decide ?

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This is a tricky comparison. On one hand you have a German company known for top notch build quality, well equipped cars that are a blast to drive, but they aren't cheap. On the other hand is a car that shows how far GM has come, considering the modern Impala was an absolute piece of shit at first. Since GM has had to eat crow and accept a government bailout to stay alive, they've realized there is a need for better build quality in their cars. The Impala shows the efforts to make Chevrolet into a respectable car company, rather than a joke that no one's laughing at. So which is best?


We'll start with the Impala. The interior is a surprisingly nice place to be. The cheap plastics are less and less common, and it is pretty well equipped. Another appealing item lies under the hood. That 3.6l V6 making 300 horsepower sounds very appealing, and it is a strong engine. However, there is a catch. The Impala is front wheel drive, and asking the front wheels of the car to handle more than 200 horsepower while doing the job of steering is a big demand. It can be solved by installing a clever differential, which Chevrolet hasn't done. As a result the handling is likely to be somewhat unstable. As you accelerate there may be torque steer, which you will feel through the steering wheel as a tug to the left or right under strong acceleration. Also, there is a possibility of understeer which you won't feel but you will definitely notice if you go into a corner vigorously and as you turn the wheel the car disobeys your will and just plows straight on. Finally, there is the issue of tire wear. Even if you are a gentle driver, your front tires will wear out more quickly than you expect.


Now the BMW. There are two things that make it less appealing right off the bat. The engine and the price. Yes, it has a 2.0l 4 cylinder engine, but it's turbocharged. As a result, it makes a respectable 240 horsepower, and you get 34mpg, that's 6 better than the Impala. Of course, if you must have a beast under the hood, the 335i is worth a look. The 4 cylinder is replaced by a turbocharged straight 6 that makes 300 horsepower and still gets fuel economy slightly better than the Impala. Either way, it's rear wheel drive with stability control for when the roads get slippery, and the electronic nanny can be shut off when you have a smooth dry road ahead and want to have some fun. The chassis is engineered to have perfect weight distribution, so it's both easy and fun to drive. As far as the price goes, yes it's more expensive, but it's worth every penny. BMW knows how to finish a car interior, they've been doing it right all along. Well equipped is an understatement.


If it were me, I'd shell out the extra money for the BMW. Even with a less powerful engine it's still just a better car all around, and like I said, there's always the 335i if you must have 6 cylinders and 300 horsepower.

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