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How to read this odometer reading and should I change my engine oil already given these factors?


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Good day. I have a Mitsubishi Lancer 1992 Model running in a 1.3 Cyclone Engine. I changed my engine oil last August 2014. It is a Mobil 1 5W-50 Fully Synthetic Oil. That time, I was told by the mechanic that this type of oil can be changed after 5000kms (since I reside in the Philippines and km is the unit for mileage, not miles) since it's a fully synthetic type. So what I did is I reset the trip mileage (if I did it correctly I pressed the button on the odometer which reset the 4 digit number to 0000 right after oil change) so I can track the kms my car have ran. I also know for a fact that not just the numbers but you also have to consider the color and smell of the oil before changing it because sometimes, numbers can fool you. To give you a heads up, when I changed last August, the color of the brand new oil is light gold to clear, but just yesterday when I checked it, it's slightly red (not the extreme hue of red but you know how oils are a little bit reddish to orange). If it would also help, I drive on stop and go conditions here and the weather is probably around 30-32 degrees celcius on most days.

So I guess my questions are:

- How do you read the odometer picture that I attached here? Is it 244,794 miles for total mileage and 784 kms for trip mileage or is it a totally different reading?

- Considering the factors that I stated above, the odometer numbers that I posted (since it was taken just yesterday), and the color of the oil that I also placed on the attachment, should I be changing my engine oil already?

Thanks a lot for reading my post. I hope you guys could help me. Ciao!




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Trip is on the bottom and can only read up to 999.9 so I wouldn't be using the trip for that. The trip is more for one trip or between gassing up.


Your mechanic is a flat-out liar. Even conventional oils can last up to 8-10000 kms before needing changing. With a full synthetic, I would change it at no less than 10000km unless you are in extreme conditions (which I don't think you are).


Change mechanics ASAP. The oil looks new in those pictures.

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but I would also like to ask how do you read those numbers on my odometer? I would really appreciate it.. Thanks again!

Very easy. Top number is your car's total mileage. Bottom number is xxx.x, so in the photo you have 754.5 km on the current trip. This resets after it hits 1000.

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