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Winter Tire Comparison Help? Any Advice? Thanks.

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Looking to get some advice I have the following options for Winter Tires available which would be the better choice?


Option 1: Wanli Winter Challenger tires (4 tires) – Rear left – 9/32 Rear right 9/32 Front left – 8-9/32 Front Right 7-8/32 (Chinese Made I believe)


Option 2: General Altimax Arctic tires (4 tires) – Rear left – 8/32 Rear right – 8/32 Front left – 8-9/32 Front right 7-8/32 (Made In Germany I believe).


The front pair of Altimax tires have slight unbalanced tread wear (from improper alignment the year prior). One of the rear tires also has a patch / plug from a nail.


I’m unsure if the Wanli outweigh the Altimax tires due to the issues they have or if the Altimax will still be the better choice since they are a better rated tire top 10 Altimax vs Wanli number 42 out of top 50 tires (from what google found me).


Currently the Wanli tires are on my rims but would be willing to change them out if it was worth while.


Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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