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2015 Toyota Yaris ( Not Hatchback) vs 2015 Hyundai Accent

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I'm going to purchase my first vehicle and i'm considering this two vehicles. Both the [2015 Yaris] (I link the car because its hard to find) and the 2015 Accent(Another link, Spanish) are around the same price (US$22,900 vs US$21,900).


The decision is until now between these two cars because they are the cheapest non-compact new models in my country (Dominican Republic). Since I will be staying with this car for a while probably, I would like to know that i'm making a safe purchase. From what I've heard so far, the Toyota Yaris would be better in terms of cheap repairs and reliability because it has a good track record, but I've also heard that Hyundai has upped their game their last few years.


In terms of personal taste, the Accent seems to bring more up entertaining features with the model which the Yaris does not.


I would really like to hear your thoughts regarding both vehicles and/or ANY opinions you may have that can contribute to my decision-making process.


Thanks a lot in advanced! If you need ANY other information from me, feel free to ask.

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