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Old 2004-2006 Lexus vs Newer 2011 Toyota/Honda SUVs

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My dad's looking at Lexus SUVs for around $15k (dealer price), but around that price you can only find older 2004-2006 SUVs with 130k+ mileage here in Alabama whereas for the same price you could get a 50k mileage 2011 RAV4, CRV, or other Honda/Toyota SUVs.


But he still thinks that even older Lexus SUVs will still have better reliability, will last longer with less maintenance, have better features, have better parts like engine/transmission/suspension/etc than newer Toyota/Honda SUVs. How can I convince him otherwise? Like, are there any good sites/resources/articles with comparisons or sites where I can get detailed car specs as proof?


Or am I wrong here, and older Lexus SUVs actually are better buys than newer Toyota/Honda SUVs at the same price?

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Lexus LX and Honda Pilots last 200k+, as do 4runners and a good Land Cruiser will last 20 years. I say that either go with an older LX or a 80s/early 90s land cruiser, or an 08 pilot.

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