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cars and insurance advise? need help!

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im a new driver and im looking for cars. iminterested in getting something cool and sporty looking, but that is difficult for guy my age. so far ive been looking at subaru impreza's, BMW 3series, and volkswagen golf gti's and jetta's. so far i have found a few i like but im unsure on how the insurance would be on them. my parents say that the insurance agency (State Farm) will charge alot for a two door car or if it has "sport" or anything to do with being sporty or some what fast. so far i have found a local 2003 VW golf GTI VR6, this BMW 325ci http://www.cars.com/...49924/overview/ and this Subaru impreza 2.5 rs http://www.cars.com/...12456/overview/ so im pretty much asking what would be the best deal for a kid my age insurance wise and what would be "cool" for someone my age?



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You are right because males are a higher risk for accidents insurance on the BMW could be very costly, especially if the car has been altered in any way. However, many insurance companies offer discounts for individuals who have taken a driver's training course and who received a certificate. You can also get additional discounts if you are under 25 and enrolled in college or university and/or you get a multiple policy (home/auto).


If you aren't eligible for any discounts I would say the Subaru would be cheaper on insurance for you.


There are a few factors that would matter as well, like your location? This would help.

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