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Replacing Transmission 2005 Nissan Maxima


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My 2005 Nissan Maxima needs a new transmission. It's still running but with lots of problems. I was wondering what the cheapest and best way to go about replacing the transmission would be. I would like to get a brand new one-should I try to buy it myself and take it to a mechanic or just have the mechanic take care of everything?


-I don't know anything about cars

-I'm a student on a budget

-I don't want to buy a new car


Thanks!! :)

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  • The best way to tackle this, if you wish to still keep the vehicle, is most likely, buy a remanufactured transmission or new one and find a certified technician to install it on the side. Being that most Nissan transmissions are CVTs I don't know what the availability of a remanufactured transmission is. Either way you're going put out a big chunk to do this.

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