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Hi everyone, my name is Kory and I am looking to get some feedback from a range of car owners. Below I have listed 12 questions which would help in the development of some new technology which is looking to extend the life of every vehicle out on the road. If you could please find some time to answer some or all of the questions it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your time



1. What is the age of your car?

2. What types of cars are they? (For example: muscle car, hot rod, regular daily use, etc.)

3. How much longer are you planning on keeping the vehicle(s)?

4. Are you concerned about the appearance or durability of your car?

a. Scale of 1-7 with 7 being most concerned

5. What appearance or durability factors concern you the most?

6. What, if anything, are you doing to alleviate these concerns?

7. How are you monitoring these concerns?

8. What would you say are the biggest problems or challenges regarding monitoring these concerns?

9. Are you using any computer/phone technology to enhance your cars performance/maintenance experience currently?

a. If yes, what?

10. Are you comfortable with using that technology?

a. If no, what could be done to help?

11. Do you gather information about car trends?

a. If so, what’s your main source of information?

12. Do you belong to any car club type organization?

a. If Yes ______________(Name of organization)
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