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New to DIY Car repair, had a few Q's


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Hey all, in an effort to educate myself and become more self reliant (saving money doesnt hurt) Ive decided to take an active interest in learning more about cars. I drive a 98 pontiac Grand Prix. I just bought it for an in town commute car. So, it seems like a great starting point!


I already plan on picking up the appropriate Haynes manual. Also, it helps that I already own a collection of tools (Im handy, just never put that skill into an automobile)


So some Q's


-I bought this car like two hours ago. What are some things you do immediately after buying a used, high mileage car? Things to check, fluids to flush etc....


-The car runs a but rough (Doesn't effect performance really). From my little knowledge, I think it could be related to a spark plug not firing off. Would you suggest testing them or just replacing the lot as part of a new ownership tune-up?


-How hard is it to change brake pads?


Thats all for now, but really excited to learn more and work on this thing. Im a big DIY guy, thanks for any help in advance!

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hi man, a haynes manual will really help, if you have no info about the car manteinance then you should made a major tune up, oil change, filters(oil, fuel and air), spark plugs and cables, if the engine has distributor then change distributor cap and rotor, i always do that, i live in tijuana, mexico so, we buy a lot of used older cars, i currently drive a 1981 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe 10 Truck , check your brake fuid level, do the coolant test at your local autozone or i think they sell something to test the coolant condition, check the water pump if it makes some noise or if it has any leaks.

its not that hard to change the brake pads, but when you do, dont forget to purge the brake lines so that you dont left any air in the brake system and to check the brake rotor, if there are some deep lines you may need to take it to a machine shop so that they resurface the brake rotor.

i hope i was of any help. good day.

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