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Need help. Ticking/clicking sound from engine compartment. Ford focus 1,6


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I need some help to locate an unwanted sound from my engine compartment.

Im driving a Ford Focus 1,6 petrol engine/zetec (2000), mileage:166 000 km.

It's best described as a clicking or ticking sound which is quite distinct.

The sound seems to follow the "speed" of the engine.

Most likely the sound is coming from the drivebelt, and maybe from one of the tensioners which the belt is running on.

It's a visible wobble on one of the wheels but im not sure if this is the case.

It dos not seem like the sound is originating from the engine itself but im not 100% sure.


Any good advice on how to go about this conundrum?


Super greatful if anyone could take the time to help out a novice!


I attached a sound .wav file for those who are interrested.....


Thanks again!ford.wav

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The same day as i was planning to drive my car to the workshop the sound disappeared.

I do have an issue with the oil thou. It seems to be burning oil and i constantly have to pay attention to this. (ca. 1liter pr. 1000Km)

Always park in the same spot and can't see any signs of a propper leak.


The spark plugs are relatively new. Prob about 5000km. Something funky is going on thou.

When the engine is running on a low "speed" and i push the throttle hard the engine stalls/jumps a couple of times.

Last time I changed the spark plugs this problem went away. But it came back just after 2000KM on new spark plugs.




Thanks for any good advice!

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