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10k< car

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I'm 16 years old and I'm going to get my licence soon. My mom said I can spend 10k on my first car. I've been looking into all sorts of cars(used) in that price range like: S2000, Miata, 350z, Civic si, Integra, prelude, impreza wrx, M3 E36, or Is300. I really don't know anything about cars, turbos, and mods that people talk about. Based on the above cars or any other suggestions you have what would you guys suggest I buy. Btw I dont know how to drive manual but my dad owns one and I'm willing to learn.

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Ok so this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna take everything from that list that you just made and you are going to throw it out of the window. You're 16, A) the insurance rates will be insane and B ) you should learn to drive on a (somewhat) junker before moving on to one of these rides. Heed my advice and you will do well. Get a nice Mazda3 or something. Not the Mazdaspeed, obviously.

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Yeah you're right. We have a truck that nobody drives so I'll probably just drive that for a while until I'm a better driver and meanwhile I'll learn to drive a manual. Maybe I'll get a job and buy some kind of performance/sports car later on. Plus I need to learn about all the different parts and how they work.

Good man. What kind of truck?

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