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Rescue Fuel, Save Money

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Our goal will be to improve you Car's MPG so you're able to save fuel, save money and help the environment together. Here are some more petrol saving tips:


1) Remove Pounds - The heavier the motor vehicle, the lower its gas fuel consumption rate is. By lightening up your truck you Increase MPG twice:

· Every time you stop and after that accelerate you burn less petrol.

· Your tire drag is reduced this means you burn less fuel.

As a rule of your thumb, 50 pounds (25 Kg) of pounds will increase your fuel utilization by 2%. Similar to an adequately inflated tire - a lighter car can even wear the tire much a reduced amount of (more savings), and is safer to drive. So keep your trunk clean, and save money on motor vehicle fuel!


2) Reduce Drag - Any unnecessary item just like Ski, Bicycle, and Luggage-Top-Carrier produces ample drag. Driving on the highway with any of them installed increases your car's petrol consumption by 10%-15%. Make yourself a habit of removing the ski-rack or bicycle-rack, and installing them back only when needed.


3) Back Off a Bling - Wide tires could look cool, but they create more friction and reduce fuel economy and MPG. The total amount? At least 5% or extra, depending on the type with tire and how wider its then the stock tire. Spoilers may look cool, but hamper you actually fuel economy by creating extra drag. Much like Ski/Bicycle/Luggage-Rack they may have a huge effect on a person's MPG, especially on the hwy. So back off the bling and not spend as much on car fuel.


4) Remove Snow and Ice - Driving which includes a pack of snow on a person's roof top or engine cover contains a very big impact on a person's fuel. It hampers your petrol economy in two ways:

· It includes tremendous drag

· It weighs considerably

more information click here

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The above iinformation is quite helpful as it enables one to cut fuel cost by a big margin and this will subsequently reflect on the monthy budget of running your vehicle. Very useful tips indeed.

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