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Please help me decide on a first car


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I honestly DO NOT know where to post this, hope it's okay I am doing it here.


Hello everyone, I am 24 years old from Toronto and I obviously have a G licence. (I am from the suburbs actually but it's close). I drove my father's car for years and now I need my own. I have not more than $10,000 for the car and that price should cover EVERYTHING I need for the car other than upgrades I will spend on individually later on



1) I can't drive manual (yeah it sucks) so please don't ask if I can.

2) I want something sporty (2 doors or 4 or a hatchback).

3) I will share this vehicle with my mother and sister so it can't be something like a Toyota Celica which according to them is " too small and uncomfortable".

4) I love how reliable Toyota Camry is and honestly the car looks great but I want something more powerful but as reliable or close to it at least.

5) I already said I can ONLY afford in TOTAL on EVERYTHING not more than $10,000CAD so if it's even a dollar more it's out of my budget.

6) I LOVE MUSTANGS but doubt I can get a nice one in good condition for the price (they're coming with a face-lift on 2015 and I will probably finance that if I will be able to afford it then) I also hear

that the Mustang V6 2004 has a good name when it comes to power and reliability but I am not sure how true it is, so let me know.

7) I love the 2014 Subaru BRZ and I checked it for insurance and it was $245/month. (I don't know how accurate it is but just saying) I love that car. As a side note I also really like the Acura RSX but I think they're too pricey mainly for the fact it's still a Honda. Anyway correct me if I'm wrong.


Keep in mind that this is my first car so even if a Lamborghini is only 5 bucks, I still won't get it because the insurance will rape me.

So please be mindful when it comes to cheap but insurance costly cars.


I will periodically add more points but for now this is it. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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Keep your eye open for Subarus. They are very safe cars and have a double frame. I didn't notice if you are in a place where there is snow or tough driving you might want pick something up that is all wheel drive. They have a ton of space in them which is another feature that I like. Id say you could find something decent with under 60k miles for between 2 and half to 9 thou... Best of luck in your search. Ever think about buying from a auction? You have to do your pre inspection first to make sure you get a good deal but you can pick a lot of things up dirt cheap. Stay away from dealers if you can help yourself. Your better off going through a private seller a lot of times.

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