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2004 Sunfire brakes locking


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Hi Folks,


I drive a 2004 Sunfire and recently the brakes have started to just randomly "lock on" while driving.

  • Upon visual inspection I noticed that the gasket for the brake fluid reservoir has holes in it - could the loss of vacuum in the brake system cause this?
  • I have ordered a replacement gasket from Amazon
  • Seems that if I pull over, remove the reservoir lid and reseat the gasket, then let the car sit off for awhile it corrects itself
  • Before this started occurring I had the brakes visually inspected and the car test driven (unrelated) by a mechanic, and he said everything seemed fine

Would really appreciate any insight you folks might have :)


Thank you!

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Try to give up more information and be specific.


When does it occur, how often? How many breaks lock up, fronts, backs, all? Are they drum in the back? Do you have ABS? Do they lock up without hitting the break pedal? When do they unlock? Try to give us as much as you can its hard to give an answer without the details to paint the picture.

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Ah, specifics. That would probably help a lot!

  • Occurs nearly every time I drive for longer than ~20ish minutes
  • I know its the front brakes for sure, due to the dust and heat produced... it MAY be the rear as well, I will check next time
  • They are drum in the back - and they are very squeaky although mechanic said that was the moisture here. The squeakyness does away after driving for abit (warmed up?)
  • They do lock up without hitting the pedal
  • They unlock after not driving for about 5 minutes. Correlation only, but I find unseating and reseating the resevoir cap speeds the process in the times I have consciously tested it

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