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For all you PetrolHeads and GearHeads our these I introduce an app to you for Android!

Rev-Amp Car sounds!


★A Huge collection of car sounds spread across 3 Apps!!

★over 400 Unique High quality sound clips with no re-used sounds or duplicates!

★Separate Revving and Acceleration Sound buttons for you to enjoy what sounds you want, whenever you want

★MASSIVE 2000x1200 Resolution car pictures, showcasing amazing detail of every car with FULL HD SUPPORT!

★Beautiful animated interface, allowing easy use and convenience when finding your favorite cars!



Rev-Amp: Lite | http://goo.gl/2J1h1x


>>Get it now for ANDROID on GOOGLE PLAY!

Rev-Amp: Muscle Car Sounds | http://goo.gl/a2mDTg

Rev-Amp: Exotic Car Sounds | http://goo.gl/RLMsW1

Rev-Amp: Tuner Car Sounds | http://goo.gl/UCBnZy


scan the image above for QR Codes!


This app has been developed by Sockeater Studios

Follow us on Twitter! : https://twitter.com/SockeaterStudio

Like us on Facebook! : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sockea...319?ref=stream

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