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Advice needed - what to do next??


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Okay, so I have a 2004 Toyota Avalon that I bought used from the dealer in '07. In '09, the transmission needed to be replaced and it was still under warranty so they put in a brand new one. Around 3 years later, the transmission started falling apart again and was unfortunately not still under warranty. So I went to a friend's "guy" to get it rebuilt who (of course) did a less than excellent job because here I am just over a year later and in need of another replacement and/or rebuild and I'm wondering if it's worth it to just buy a new car? I JUST finished paying the car off, so I was really looking forward to not having a payment and I'm trying to weigh my options here: do I pay a lump sum to have the transmission replaced/rebuilt for the third time, or do I suck it up and get a new car? Any advice would be appreciated.

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