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Rotary engine, first car not much knowledge

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Hello there, so im planning on buying my first car soon and i have a car in my mind that i want to purchase.. it's the Mazda RX8.

I have a friend who knew someone who owned an rx-7 and told me that he always had to change the oil and maintain it literaly everyday.


But this car i really want to get so i was hoping you's could give me the obvious pointers on how to maintain a car with a rotary engine ?

what do i need to do in order to get the most out of this car ?

Wether it is changing the oil , what type of oil maybe ?

IDK you's are the smart ones , HELP!


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Hello! Joe from JM Classic Imports. Simple, if the car is stock, just treat it as you would any other car. The rx8 is NOT the longest lasting rotary motor out there, however it is another great design from mazda! I would assume that the rx7 owner that you know has a little work needing done and neglect has been the cause to his failing rotary's oil system. If we can be of any other help in the field of rotary please let us know https://www.facebook...mclassicimports or visit us at www.jmclassicimports.com !


Hope this helps!

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