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Devon Smith

Buying my second car!

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So im 16 almost 17 and im working on getting a solid job. I own a 97 wrangler right now, but plan to sell it for something that is just as reliable and with more reasonable gas mileage. Im pretty much open to any brand. But since i live in Michigan i need something 4 wheel or all wheel. I would like something rather sporty, i really like cars like subaru's WRX so thats an idea of what i want. Now the problem is budget, im in the 6000 dollar region any suggestions?

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My name is Alyssa Charles and I work at Gentile Automotive Group Hyundai Dealership. Now we have new cars obviously, but we also have a lot of decently priced used cars too. I am new here and and just learning everything about the cars and what we do here. The used cars go through a 20 point inspection, everything under the hood is checked too. We really do give the best value for each vehicle. As far and your price range goes we really do have a great financial team here, I don't know if you'd be open to paying monthly through the dealership, but right now we have a deal for 3.9% interest rate, which is really low. :) I know you said you're in Michigan, but I am in Racine off I94 exit HWY 20 so hopefully it's not too far for you. We have a lot of different used cars for you to choose from if you want to take the trip. :) Here's the link to the facebook page I made that has pictures and pricing for all the used cars I have on this specific lot. Mind you we have 3 lots to choose from so there are lots of options.

Here's my direct line to the dealership and my email as well if you want to get a hold of me. :)



Hope this helps and to hear from you soon!


Alyssa Charles

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