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New CV joint or Whole New Transmission?

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Hello CarForums users!

I have a 51plate citreon saxo diesel. It recently broke down and had to be recovered by the RAC.


I had been driving down the motorway and my steering became wobbly. I pulled over where I could, but couldn't see any immediate problem. I proceeded to carefully drive the car home.


I decided to pop to the shop on the way home. As I was turning out of the car park and onto a small traffic island there was a horrific grinding noise from my front nearside wheel. When I tried to pull off the car went nowhere.


I noiced that if I lifted the clutch while in gear the speedometer would go up as if I was moving, even though I wasnt.


I called the RAC and the nice chap towed me home and told me that my transmission had gone, and that I need a new cv joint.


My question is, do I need a cv joint with the whole transmission rod attached or will just the cv joint do? I can get a cv joint for about £40 or the whole thing for £70. I obviously would like to avoid spending money that I don't have to, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks.



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