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Top ten sports cars ever?


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This could get interesting, as the estabished and long traditional definition of "sports car" seems to be falling out of favor and now anything that even performans slightly sporty is called a "sports car."


For me, I'm a traditionalist. A sports car is a light, 2 seat open car designed for motorsport and street use, while the same car with a fixed roof is a GT. Which means cars like the Miata/MX5 and S2000 are sports cars, while the 350Z and 911 are GTs. Exotics like the Aventador are also GTs, though the Pagani Zonda convertible is a sports car (the coupe is a GT). For me, the MX5 is the quintessential sports car: Open top, light, balanced, about precision and flow rather than brute force and outright speed. What sports cars have traditionally been about since the first Stutz Bearcat and MG TC.

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I agree with Chris completely.


10. Early 60's Jaguar XK-E

9. Triumph Spitfire

8. Fiat 1200

7. MG B

6, Ferrari GTBh

5. Ferrari 308

4. Miata MX-5 (one of the most fun cars for the money i've driven so far)

3. Lancia Aurelia B24S

2. Lancia Flaminia

1. 55' Ford Thunderbird


*In no specific order*


Some of them have 4 seats but they look amazing

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