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What SUV to buy?

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I want to buy the SUV. Release dates between 2003-2005. At first, i looked X5, Touareg and XC90. All diesel engines (2.4-3.0l) and automatic transmission. I've heard that Touareg are little bit of "sleepy", X5 casco is very high and Volvo gearbox is fucked up steadily. Or should I look at something else? What do you recommend? The fact is i need a higher all-wheel drive familycar. I dont care how awesome it look outside, i need good car, i dont want to drive workshop to workshop. If my english is bad, i'm sorry.

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What country are you in?


An X5 would be good if you can get there newer one (2004 I think it came in?), but I would go for an XC90. Pretty gutless unless you get a V8 petrol, but then that is not the point of a family car. Quiet, comfortable, and reliable.


If you are on a budget and looking at older diesels, be wary of turbos / clutches / injectors / flywheels etc going pop as that will leave you severely out of pocket. You may actually find that running a petrol one would be cheaper as the car costs less as does the fuel. Unless you are doing over 17k a year a diesel does not really make much sense.

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