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Ferrari president arranged to introduce an Exclusive high-speed rail line in Italy

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Ferrari president, Luca di Montezemolo, is definitely an ambitious man. Right after all, he didn’t reach where he is currently by sitting on his chair and sipping hot cocoa. Several years ago, he announced that he was purchasing a plane to take a private high-speed rail line to Italy.


It took after some duration to access this day, but finally, Montezemolo has unveiled the very first train his company NTV is gaining the tracks in Italy. The train, which can be being known as "Italo," is the fruit of years and years of testing and development by NTV and is regarded as one of the most modern trains in Europe.


How amazing is it? Among the many features of Italo, the few that stood out had been on-board wi-fi along with a small theater. Yep, a small theater.


NTV is expecting ITALO to possess its maiden voyage on March 2012 with the company considering a goal of carrying 10 million passengers annually across Europe by 2015.


Montezemolo isn’t the only big-time investor in the business. Besides the Ferrari president, other investors in NTV consist of Tod’s Shoes CEO Diego Della Valle, the French Rail Organization SNCF, plus a slew of other Italian businessmen.




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