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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Price Widget by Capital.com

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Yet another Bitcoin/Crypto Price Widget for Garmin Smartwatches, but kind of different Slight smile

Full Glance support for Glance-capable smartwatches, our own price feeds, all settings are right on the watch.

Would love to get feedback - especially how it works on Forerunner devices, and real-world battery life impact.

Link to widget in Connect IQ Store:


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It's cool to see how the world of cryptocurrencies is making its way into wearable tech. Having Glance support and easy access to settings right on the watch sounds like a convenient feature. I'm really interested in how it performs on Forerunner devices, as I'm considering getting one myself. Also, it'd be great to know if using the widget has any noticeable impact on battery life during daily use. Besides, have you ever given the Quantum AI tool for trading a shot? It's something I've been curious about lately.

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This Bitcoin/Crypto Price Widget for Garmin Smartwatches sounds intriguing! Having price feeds and settings right on the watch could be pretty convenient. I'm sure many in the community, especially Forerunner users, will be interested in checking it out.
As for feedback, I'd recommend giving it a whirl and sharing your experiences on the forum. Real-world user feedback can be incredibly valuable for fine-tuning and improving any app or widget.
Also, if you're into cryptocurrencies and want more insights on the latest trends and news, https://presale.world could be a handy resource.
Thanks for sharing this, and best of luck with your widget project!

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