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Plate Compactor for Compact Tractor?

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I have a small built-in plate sealer for $500. I was wondering if anything is available for compact tractors (e.g. B2601). I searched around for a minute and actually found almost nothing. Then I also thought about somehow connecting my gasoline drive to the tractor (maybe on 3ph), although I would prefer something bigger.


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If you're looking for a plate compactor suitable for a compact tractor like the B2601, you might want to consider specialized attachments designed for this purpose. While it's not as common as regular plate compactors, there are options out there that can be connected to your tractor's 3-point hitch.

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Since you've already got a smaller built-in plate sealer, it's great that you're looking for something more fitting for your needs. One option you could explore is specialized attachments that are compatible with compact tractors. These attachments are designed to be connected to the 3-point hitch, providing you with the power and efficiency you're looking for.If you're interested in something larger, it's a good idea to connect with machinery dealers that specialize in compact tractors and their accessories. They might have a variety of options to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your tractor and your project.You might want to take a look at the compact tractors available at https://www.machinerydealer.co.uk/compact-tractors-for-sale/. This could give you some inspiration and ideas for finding the right equipment to enhance your compact tractor's capabilities.

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