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I Bought Natural Weight Loss Tablet


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I decided to stop being a 37-year-old fat slob, I want to lose weight.I just can't help myself, I have no self-control, It's Saturday, and I decided to change my life, it seems no one else will do it, my knees hurt, I'm puffing and sweating when walking, I'm only 37 years old, and I'm a fat ugly slob, Today in the supermarket I noticed weight loss pills are in the healthy food section, so I stopped and looked at a few, most of them cost more than 35 Australian dollars for about 60 tablets.

In fact, it was very embarrassing for me to stand there and look at the weight loss pills, I felt the eyes of the shopping carts passing by, but, nevertheless, I bought one called "natural medislim" for $ 40.00.

I chose this one only because it was in a box and contained 60 tabs.

Today I decided to force myself to walk from Sydney Darlinghurst south of the city to Broadway, about 45 minutes on foot in each direction.

It wasn't easy, I was sweating, but I forced myself to do it, some guy casually made a remark to me while I was puffing up the slope, but I didn't have the strength to say anything in response to this disgusting jerk.

It reminded me of the idiots who like to shout out of the window on a Friday night, well, punch them in the face, I thought, I have the right to walk the streets.

After about 35 minutes of hard walking, puffing and puffing, I decided to make a detour through the city park in my Darlinmhurt/Kings Cross neighborhood, I was sweating, but I kept walking, I felt my legs hurt, and I noticed a group of young people ahead who were asking for money with their baseball caps backwards and so on, but I didn't have the strength to turn around, so I kept walking, for some reason they didn't bump into me, they must have thought I was a poor fat bastard.

Anyway, I walked 45 minutes to Broadway, along busy Parramatta Road, where I noticed the FEDEX KINKOS online store, so I decided to go there, and I'm glad I did, I noticed a large set of scales, probably for weighing boxes or something like that. so I jumped, to the horror of the girls behind the counter and it stopped at 126.6 kg

Well, anyway, after buying weight loss pills, I thought I was going to get home by bus, and not going to walk 45 minutes, but when I just got to the bus, the bus closed the doors and left, at first I got angry, I thought the bus driver obviously thought to himself: "this fat guy needs to walk," which I did, I walked back for 45 minutes, sweating, but I didn't care if others made comments.When I got home, I was proud of myself, rushed for water and drank 2 liters.I took out my weight loss pills.

I read the instructions, take 2 tablets before meals, 20 minutes before the start.

So, I took 2 pills around 4 p.m., nothing happened until about 5:30 p.m., when I got this feeling of fullness and I was ecstatic, so I thought I'd skip dinner.

Anyway, I went to bed, where I woke up at 3 a.m. from severe abdominal pain, went and ate muesli and a few slices of toast. And now I'm mad at myself.

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Your walk through the city and decision to try those weight loss pills show how committed you are to making a change. However, I would advise being cautious with weight loss pills, as they can have varying effects and might not always be the best solution. Consider exploring more sustainable approaches like a balanced diet and regular exercise. Websites like https://medicalweightlosslehighvalley.com/ provide helpful insights. Remember, progress might have its bumps, like the discomfort you experienced with the pills, but it's all part of the journey/

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