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How to Crop this photo


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I want to paint this in oil but am having difficulty figuring out a good crop.  The way the pic is shot makes her body look so small and her forehead big.  I was thinking cropping so it’s almost all face but can’t figure out how to make the forehead look ok and what to cut off.  TIA for any advice.  Attaching photo and what I think crop should be.

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I was able to attach the photo.  I have tried numerous ways and perhaps it’s just not the greatest image.  I also tried straightening the photo to see if that would work.  Unfortunately I’m not around this little one now which means I’m not able to take my own photo.

Thanks for any help.

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Figuring out the perfect crop for a painting can be tricky, but don't worry, I got your back! If you're aiming to focus on the face, try cropping it just above the forehead and below the chin. This will highlight the facial features without emphasizing the forehead size.
When it comes to painting, it's all about capturing the essence and emotion. So, don't stress too much about the technicalities, trust your artistic instincts.
By the way, if you're looking for some awesome frames to showcase your oil painting, check out www.frameshop.com.au. They've got a rad selection of frames to give your artwork the perfect finishing touch.

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