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Profile review request: Exceptional Promise, digital marketing


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Hello everyone! I’ve been in a read-only for a while, and decided to request a review from the amazing community for my profile too.

Application: exceptional promise, digital marketing – growth of digital product-lead companies


  • CEO of the company I’ve been working for for the past four years, explaining my results & impact on the growth of the company
    – CMO of the company I’ve worked (not consulted) for during the last year, explaining my results & impact on product growth as well
    – Chief Branding Officer of a big IT company from my country, explaining my industry impact + my results that are possible to validate from external sources (we didn’t work together directly), also supporting my OC2 since he’s a specialist in what I’m building my OC2 around


  • overall doc on the growth of my main employer’s company that is generated by marketing processes that I lead w. proof and mentions of the company as a key market player, MC, OC3
  • a doc on a product launch that led my employer to be recognised as one of the top software providers in the industry + get a big chunk of global market share, MC, OC3
  • a doc on another product launch with a very quick result turnaround, high ROI & outside recognition, MC, OC3
  • a doc on MRR growth for my second employer that was generated through marketing channels, way higher than the SaaS industry average, with benchmark comparison, etc., MC, OC3
  • Salary + bonus documents, comparison to average salary for my country in my industry (I’m 15% over the top-10% of the market)., MC
  • opinion leadership doc with a webinar (almost 100,000 views) and two articles I’ve published, OC 2
  • mentoring doc with three letters from my mentees (CEOs/Founders of digital product-led companies) and my mentoring profiles overview, OC2
  • a course that I’ve helped to build as an invited external expert for one of the biggest EdTechs in my country of origin, with a gratitude letter from the platform and a course overview, OC2
  • two public lectures - one for a gaming company, one for university students studying marketing, OC2

What do you think?

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Hi there! Congratulations on recognizing your work on your employer's company's growth document. I'd love to see the product launch document, too, if you can share it!

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Best of luck to you and your business!

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