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Modify a website published with excel, Build function, which switches between worksheets


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I am a complete newbie in HTML and have only a shallow understanding of the structure, coming from a python background. Therefore I could be a bit slow understanding the answers, sorry in advance. Basically I want to build a function into a website which i made by using the SaveAs webpage option in a Microsoft Excel workbook. The webpage, as it is, updates automatically if i change a cell in the corresponding microsoft excel workbook and should continue doing that. The function I want to build should switch between the worksheets in chronological order. That means I want to display the first sheet for 5 seconds, then switch to the second sheet and display it for five seconds, then the third and so on. Additionally I want to hide the ribbon in the bottom of the worksheets. Could something like this be done? Excuse me if the question is trivial.

I thank you for your time and would be extremely greatful if someone could try and answer me.

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It's possible to build a function that switches between worksheets chronologically and displays them for five seconds each. It can be achieved with JavaScript. There are a few ways to do this, but one way is to use the setTimeout() function to delay the switching between worksheets. You can use CSS to style the page to hide the ribbon at the bottom of the worksheets.

Also, this forum is actually a great place to ask questions about HTML and JavaScript. If you need further assistance, check out resources like w3schools.com or contact a web development community like www.zaptest.com for more help.

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