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Need help with Money Loan, Debt, and Taxing system


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Alright, I've already made a banking system in my game where the Player can either withdraw or deposit money in the bank.
But that's kind of a little boring in my taste. I want to expand that greatly.
The green area of the Variables in the screenshot below is what I have made to create a banking system, so no need for changes in these, but the red area is what I don't know how to do.

Here's how I wish to make the Loans, Debt, and Taxing system function in the game.
I'll be explaining it as detailed as possible:

A. Loans
The Player can take loans from the bank.
Repayment of the loans will be automatically withdrawn by 10% of the money in the bank account once a day (in-game time, I have the "LNM_ GameTime" plugin and can settle this with a parallel event plugin command, Event name: "Loan Repayment at 2 PM" for example).
• If the Player has money deposited in their Bank account, the bank will automatically withdraw 10% of the money from the Player's account to partly pay off the loans, as said, once a day.
B. Debts from loans
Whenever the Player doesn't have enough in their bank account to pay off the loans; the loan repayment should forcefully strip the account and take the last dime till it's 0 left in their account... the rest of the unpaid percentage should automatically be added to debts + interest, and this will continue each day until the Player does something about it; has choices to pay the debt or the loan, or both when having cash ready for the bank.
C. Debts from bills
Debts should also apply for, let's say unpaid "hospital bills", for example; if the Player's character dies, they will be transferred to the hospital.
• If the Player is having both the cash and the money in the bank account, the bank account will be the first to be checked and withdrawn from.
• If the player only has cash and either too little or nothing at all in the bank account, (the account will be stripped and) the rest of the cash will be paid automatically to the "hospital" (and the rest of the unpaid amount should be added to the debt if the amount is not enough either in cash or in the bank account).
If the Player neither has any cash in hand nor money deposited in the bank, the unpaid bills will automatically be added to debt.

When it comes to cash, it should not apply for the automatic repayment of loans.
Loans and debts paid in cash should always be done manually by the Player at the bank.
While money in the bank account is always the first to be checked to be withdrawn from automatically.

If the Player earns cash while having debts and/or loans to pay at the bank, the Player's cash money must be unaffected until the Player's free will to pay off the debts and/or loans at the bank in cash.

Also; whenever the Player has debts, loans should be denied to the Player whenever requested at the bank.

D. Taxes
The Tax system is kind of different and has nothing to do with debts or loans.
• If the Player rents or buys something exclusive in-game. There'll be taxes. For example, renting an apartment; that's 25 dollars a day. If also having an exclusive entry to a certain place, or being a member, that's 50 dollars a day adding up to the 25, and that's 75 dollars a day.
• The Player can get rid of these, and the taxing will stop for whichever feature the Player chooses to cancel.
• The Taxes should be paid automatically through the Player's bank account.
• If there's no money, the feature(s) will be frozen and inaccessible for the Player.
• If there's not enough to pay for all or most of the features, it'll be paid for feature(s) at random that the last money can afford and the rest of the features will become frozen and inaccessible for the Player.
Anybody kind enough to help me out on how to do these?
Hopefully, I explained it well.
Thank you in advance.
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You should consider adding a mortgage system to your game. A mortgage broker in Tamworth could help you with this. A mortgage is a loan that is used to buy a property, and it's a big part of many people's financial lives. You could make it so that players can take out a mortgage in the game, and then have to pay it back over time. This would add a new level of complexity to your banking system.
As for the red area in your screenshot, it looks like you might need some help figuring out how to implement the loan and debt systems.

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