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Hundreds of trucks divert route amid Ukraine war


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Not Dover.....but a similar situation (i.e. long queues).

Hundreds of trucks divert route amid Ukraine war

Hundreds of international and local freight trucks are diverting their route to avoid conflict in Ukraine to use a border crossing on Turkey’s border with Georgia in order to deliver goods to their destinations via the Caucasus, causing kilometers-long lines on the highways.

The Sarp border crossing in the northeastern province of Artvin has been extremely busy lately because of the war in Ukraine. International freight companies are directing their trucks to the border crossing, local firms also prefer delivering goods via this safer route.

The result is up to a 25-kilometers long line of trucks on the highway in this province on the Black Sea province, stretching toward the Sarp border crossing.

Drivers of some 1,200 trucks have to wait for days to clear the border. Trucks block one line of the highway completely, occasionally causing traffic congestion on the highway.

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It's unfortunate to hear about the Ukraine conflict's impact on the trucking industry. The diversion of hundreds of trucks to the border crossing in Turkey must be causing significant delays and disruptions to the delivery of goods. Truck drivers are the backbone of the logistics industry, and their safety and well-being should always be a top priority. We must support the industry during these challenging times and consider all available options to help alleviate the congestion and long waits at the border. truckexporter.co.uk is committed to providing the best possible solutions and support to the trucking industry.

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