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A Newbie and His Currently Requested Fees


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Would you engage his services?

A month and a half ago, I took fancy to an escort who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His photos, ad, and vids are enticing.  He and I have been in communication, and last month we connected via my IM'ing him at RM's site.  At that time he quoted his requested fees of which I was OK.  In my getting back to him, I stated that I'd hope to see him at the end of November.  Well, did I?  No.  Plans had changed for me.

He's in my Buddy's List at RM,  and I can keep up with him and others on a daily basis if I so desired.  I continued to view his photos and vids and yearn for his company.  I decided to write Instant Messages to the three clients who had reviewed him.  To date only one responded favorably and quite encouraging.  From that I became more than eager to see him.  

Lo and behold I relayed to him that I plan to be in San Francisco on December 31 and would like to meet.  He fired back an IM, and in it he stated that his rates had changed: $400 for one hour, $600 for two and so forth.  He mentioned other rates, but after reading the preceding-- I returned a message to him in which I stated that I'd take a rain check.

Well, apparently he didn't understand that, for he wrote back a favorable and encouraging response.

What would you do if a similar situation happened to you?  

 Because I've had difficulty posting RM's particulars-- I failed to post here, but his "stage name" is: Theo_SBUK, the young man whom I think looks deliciously mouthwatering.

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Hey there, it sounds like you've had an exciting experience with this escort in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ultimately, the decision to engage his services is up to you and depends on various factors, including your budget, level of comfort, and personal preferences. That being said, it's understandable that you may feel frustrated or disappointed with the change in his requested fees. Be more attentive next time, use pay stub maker to track your money, and save more for unexpected cases. Good luck!

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