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I-Bonds investment


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I’m putting this in it’s own thread rather derail the thread it came from.

Armchair Biologist wrote:
Don’t forget about I-bonds. They are adjusted to inflation. If you buy them right now through April you’ll get a guaranteed 6 month return of 7.12%. Every 6 months the rate changes based on inflation. The only caveat is that you have to keep them for a minimum of 1 year. If you cash them after 1 year, but before 5 years, you lose the last three months of interest. That being said, as long as inflation is high, and you don’t need the money right now, it’s a win-win….even if you cash them and lose the last three months of interest. There’s probably not any investments that’ll return 7.12%in the next 6 months that guarantees your principle back.

I know, probably not the best place for financial advice but what the heck.

If a guy had a few $grand$ laying around in savings drawing diddly for interest, I-Bonds seem to be a decent place to invest some extra cash that is safe and not needed for the foreseeable future.


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I agree that I-bonds can be an excellent option for those looking for a safe investment to keep up with inflation. The guaranteed 6-month return of 7.12% through April sounds appealing, and the fact that the rate adjusts based on inflation can provide some peace of mind. However, talking to a professional business advisor seems to be a better idea for building a business. Anyway,  I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and insights with the community. 

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