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Note to ALL new members

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Due to our increased growth and member registration, we have recently attracted alot of unwanted attention from unscrupulous traders and people joining up just to advertise their websites or services. Whilst we understand that this is a minority of new members, we have also observed that those whom are warned etc often state that they weren't aware of this prohibition. Due to what's stated above I would like to advise all new members here at CarForums.com to thoroughly read the website's Terms of Service. Please note that failure to adhere to any of the above will lead to action being taken, and the possible removal of any such members. Please also take note that the rules regarding the advertising of any third party sites is also prohibitted in your signature field.


Thanyou for taking the time to read this notice, and we hope you enjoy hanging out here!


Keep the following in mind before your first post.


1. If your first post involves a link, then you might want to rethink that first post. We are not a place to drop links and advertise your blog, store or whatever. It is a discussion forum, not a classified. We do have a classified section that you can use but read the rules in that forum.

2. Is there a link in your signature? If so, we probably will think you are a spammer and you won't last long. Ask for permission before using a link in your signature.



The Moderation Team

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