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2011 Hyundai Sonata


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Cool. It's actually nice to see a Korean compete in motorsports events.


Hyundai is an engineering giant. That alone should speak volumes about what they can achieve in their motorcars division.


Now, about the freakin' Tiburon...

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I agree, Rhys Millen has used Hyundai for alot of things!

And Hyundai do have alot of enginnering experience anyway, starting with those huge caterpillar excavators!

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This may sound like I'm kissing ass (if anybody from Hyundai is reading this I just wanna say i love the Genesis and I'd love to have one lol :lol: ) but have you watched natl geo mega structures about the Hyundai shipbuilding yard? Damn it the engineering might is just amazing. And discipline is evident.

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No, never saw it, but i would imagine!

Did you ever see natl geo do the mega factories? the first season they did car factories, i saw 2 episodes, one Porsche (911 GT3) and the other, Audi (R8 V8). They were intersting, you saw how each stage built the car!

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