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The original one was a huge failure!


Did they not originally promise to put a V12 in it, then when it was announced it would have a V6 TT everyone wanted their deposits back and took Jaguar to court over it?

That was the owners being stupid, there wasn't anything wrong with that engine, it's just when it comes to cars like that you expect NA.

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I wouldnt have cared. Apparently the biggest reason people sued Jag was because of the spectators who would just buy them and sell them at a premium.


And considering that the V6 was the Le Mans race engine for that year, it seems stupid to complain.

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Ok, the specs on the XJ220 are...


6.2L V12 making 500 hp/510tq, but they couldn't meet rising emmision standards with the V12. 4WD. 3439LBS. They had a target speed of 220mph (hence the name). In 1989 the price was set at $580,000 with $80,000 down.


3.5 V6 twin Garretts, 542hp/476tq. 2WD. The price was raised to $650,00 after people put the $80,000 down, which naturally pissed them off. The production car ended up going 223mph.


So in my opinion, sure the cost went up by $70,000, but so did power with 1/2 the cylinders and I'm not a fan of 4WD on a supercar and at 223mph they exceeded their target number. That being said, I wouldn't buy one because it's the most boring looking 200+mph I have ever seen.

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I think it's the best looking car ever.

It aint bad for a car that borrowed brake lights from a Vauxhall Senator :lol:

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Says Wiki.

If so, im astounded, yet at the time, Jag were part GM owned and did borrow abit :lol: (I think?)

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If so, im astounded, yet at the time, Jag were part GM owned and did borrow abit :lol: (I think?)



No, Jag has never been GM owned. Ford bought jaguar in 1990, 2 years before the XJ220 went into production, but 2 years AFTER it had been shown to the public for the first time and one year after production had been announced and a price set.


Boring? Absotely stunning:




The original V12 was Tom Walkinshaw's Le Mans winning V12, but it ended up not being suitable for a road car by the time Ford bought Jaguar. Ford paid to make sure the car was produceable and functional, but becausee of that the cost went up. Specualtors had been putting money down on the cars before Ford bought Jag, but with the global recession in '91, most of teh specualtor money dried up. Hell, every supercar manufacturer had it rough at that time. I had been hired as a consultant/designer on one supercar project that got as far as venture capital meetings when the recession hit. Ended up busting the company.




that sketch was from '89

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