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BMW 10-series?

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Technically speaking yes. Imo, BMWs are what E46s with no leather and shit where, pure driving machines.


Which is exactly why I love Bimmers.


Ironically the fact that they think their a luxury brand is the reason I'd never in a million year buy one new, their over priced as fawk!

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They aren't that over priced - they are actually very well priced.


A top of the line diesel Ford Mondeo will cost you £29k and is no better than a £25k BMW 320d. In fact, the BMW is a much better car in every way.


Same story with Audi - you can get an A4 2.0 TDI 170 for £26k.


Seems a good deal to me!

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Thank you. And this is why BMW is one of the worst german mfr's today. It thinks it's a luxo brand, but it's not and never was.


You are welcome! Hell..my dad's old Toyota Crown, now that's a freakin' luxury car. :lol:


See this is the reason I love Audi. No luxury pretensions whatsoever (coz no matter what they say, a Merc S-class rides better than an A8 or 7-series. Now thats a luxury car!)


Embrace your sportiness Audi! I like it!lol


As for BMW..the E46 M3 coupe was one of my most desired cars simply because it's a pure driving machine (and looks smashing!)


Bring the love back, BMW. Fuck luxury. :o

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