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Bulletproof trailer lighting?

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I bought my boat new back in April. I’m already having intermittent issues with the lights. One of my brake lights comes and goes, and two of the three red running lights in the middle between the two brake lights do not work.

My plan is to rewire the whole deal, using a double wrap of adhesive heat shrink on any splice or spot where water can intrude. I’m not sure where my ground is run, but I plan on bringing it back up to the front of the trailer.

If you have some high quality trailer lights, what brand are they? I have read LED is the way to go, which I agree with. Need those two smaller lights as well as the two rear brake lights.

Any other suggestions you have to try and keep saltwater away and everything working as it’s supposed to?

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Get a 7 way distribution box mounted up near front of trailer. Near the bow stop works.
Get a 7 way sealed RV plug with long enough pig tail to reach behicle to distribution box.
Pipe lights LEDs on top of your guide ons. These are key.
Use extension cord and run each light its own run. That way every light gets its own power wire and its own ground. All is double insulated due to the extension cord.
Run all the grounds together at the distribution box.

Use Anchor silicon filled shrink wrap connectors. The blue ones. Keep your connections high up in that pipe light and they never get wet.

No additional shrink wrap needed.

My boat had 700 hours when i sold it and the light setup i describe above had zero issues in 7 years of use. I do all my trailers this way. Best setup i have found.

I dont like the additional shrink wrap simply because i cant see the fail points if they ever did. When a connector fails when setup as above it is a very easy fix. With each light getting its own run and the distribution box setup you simply rewire or recrimp one run. No need to redo entire trailer ever again.

I do a lot of em and none of them come back. Let me know of you need help getting this done.


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Hey there! It sounds like you're dealing with some frustrating trailer lighting issues, but rewiring with adhesive heat shrink is definitely a good plan to keep the water out. As for high-quality trailer lights, I highly recommend checking out truckelectrics.com. They have a great selection of LED lights that withstand tough conditions, including saltwater. Plus, they offer fast shipping and excellent customer service.
I hope this helps! Let us know how it goes with the rewiring and new lights. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing (or towing, rather) from here on out!

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