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'79 Z28 vs. Suzuki Samurai


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It could be done. The modification would rank with a FWD to RWD conversion. Experianced or professional level. But it would be quite the performer. You may gain better traction over RWD street tires, but even 275 plus all the way around, I doubt you'd gain the grip of slicks in the rear. The torque steer would be my biggest concern. a 4000lb. car that has no steering is a little scary, that and over 675 horses on tap. Summit did an AWD Hot Rod and was their cover car 3 issues ago. Used a Cyclone 4WD system.


Reminds me of the Harry Hauler that Hurst built with twin 427's to power each set of wheels. It left 4 slick-marks all the way down the quartermile! And still ran something like 10's.

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Well DAMN Blig, you're talkin a LOT of extra weight going into the car, not to mention a whole lotta metal to make that frame tough. Two

427's is gonna add WHAT? Another 500 pounds? Think about it, and it'll

make total sense. You need AWD and to keep the car as light as you possibly can. Another 500 to 1000 pounds really makes a difference in

quarter mile time. But could you imagine overall speed? YIKES!:D LOL!

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They always said...

"Harry went - where Harry wanted to go!"


but 4000lbs, is the factory weight of my Camaro untouched. I might be able to get it down to 3500 but very little would be 'stock' or factory.

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