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'72 Mustang vs. '98 V6 Camaro


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    • 1972 Mustang V8
    • 1998 Camaro V6

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I know for a fact that the older Fox body Mustang would fair about even with the Post '98 F4 V6.

You are correct that they ran about a 15.5 on average (stock), that is about what a V6 will do.

I haven't had it to the track but there are a few rumors that the V6 F4 is capable of 14's. I have not confirmed this though.


As far as Muscle Car performance, no I wouldn't go that far. But then again I never thought much of the stock 5.0 either. Mustang (stock) has almost always been the slowest of the Musclecars, usually playing catch up to GM's big guns.


the V6 carries a modification ability to the tune of about 375 horses, so beating a stock SS is not out of the question but I have yet to see the aftermarket parts I am aware of come together and perform like they could.


Anyway, no the Mustang I have isn't a Posi rear-end. It was an option but not on this one.


Just For Clarification, the '71-'73 Mustang did not carry a "GT" package. For V8's you had the Grande, Mach 1, and Boss. But it does have the same 5.0 302 (carb version) as the Fox-Box Mustangs.

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15 second V6 Camaro you ask.


Here's the link...


From Daniel Heraud at Carpoint.com

Keep in mind this is off the showroom floor - bone stock!




With a complete intake and exhaust, you'd be in the high 14's.


My only complaint on the car is that on the manual version 4th gear doesn't have much pull.

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lets put it like this....

finding a v6 vamaro that runs 15.1-15.8 1/4 miles is like finding a z28 that runs 13`s

finding a v6 that runs sub-15.1 times is as difficult finding a z28 that runs sub 13.1`s

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Hey Bliggida! 375 HORSEPOWER?! HOW?!! Since this so-called mod can be

done to a V6, how about my TransAm? Is it an expensive mod? There's a

guy at my work that used to own a repair shop, shut it down for some

reason or another, but his credentials are like 2 inches thick. He

knows some stuff. He said with about $2000, getting 650 horsepower is

no difficult task. Right now, I don't have that kinda cash. I WILL be

looking into getting that "Vette" style chip for another 50 hp. Is

there anything else I could get for more power without breaking my

bank account to pieces?

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dude, the vette chip-into an f-body is not that simple

its much better to have an aftermarket reprogrammed chip

there is no way that you can get 50 hors4es our of a vette chip since the differences between the ls1 found in the f-body and the vette are more than just a chip

anyway, good luck with modding your trans am

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Once again you mis-read my post Blig. I clearly said LOW 15s. As in the 15.0-15.3 range. I have yet to see one that can run that low STOCK. Show me proof and Ill be a believer.

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I'd obviously take the 'Stang for personal preference, but you've gotta consider that the Camaro is worth about 2-3 times what a non-original '72 Stang would be worth. In that case, I'd sell the Camaro in a heartbeat, and turbocharge my NX :)

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Ok Tom...You had a few questions so I'll space them out..


The V6 mod. Ok YES it would be expensive, the Horsepower per dollar would not justify doing it, but it can be done right now, with the parts that are out there...

BBK makes a Supercharger for the 3.8L V6 Camaro. Their claim is "95+" horses gained. Given that you could also add an aftercooler, you could pick up well over 100 horses on the supercharger alone. That runs $3,500 for the blower alone.


(GT2 style) Power Level Increased 200hp-->300hp

so we're allready right behind a stock Z28 (at 310hp)


Next you cut the exhaust and use Borla's 3.8L Specific 3-inch header's back exhaust kit or a few other companies offer the same thing. That will run $750 for the exhaust. Pair that with a set of BBK headers made for the 3.8L which run about $400. Should be good for about thirty ponies.


Power Level Increased 300hp-->330hp

about even with a stock SuperSport (at 325Hp)


Now lets go the the intake - add a Gratenelli ram air box ($200) with a Super Z, or SS functional ram air hood for about $1,750 that comes with the air box. That combo oughta be good for about 20 or so Horsepower.


Power Level Increased 330hp-->350hp

Now we're about even with a Stock Corvette (at 345Hp)

Computer Chip about $175 along with a set of under driven pulleys for $200, and bigger injectors $200 oughta be good for the additional 25 horses.


So that would be roughly 375 horses. This is bolt on's. If you dipped into the engine and were able to bore it out with bigger pistons and a bigger crank that would be good for an additional 40 ponies, bringing the grand total to 450 horsepower. (Surpassing Z06 Corvette and challenging Viper's)

Along with porting the heads and doing a angle job on the valves. (good for another 25 horsepower) You could feesibly wring out over 475 horses from the big V6 but that would be at it's limits of streetability (in my opinion)

Plus you could always bolt on a 75-shot nitrous kit, so technically with bolt on's only and nitrous you could get just under 450 horses for a few seconds. (or with a totally modified engine about 525 Horsepower) Enough to put you into the 10's (modestly) with the right tires and suspension (which will accept any parts made for the Z28/SS - same body)


Now, what would you think, if someone dubbed this a Z26 ???

"6" being for 6-cylinders. Even though a Z26 is actually a Beretta but still...


Now onto your Trans-Am

$2000 to make 650 Horses is a long shot. I think it would actually cost around $5,000 to $6,000. Here's what I could come up with as the cheapest route (off the top of my head)


Vortech Supercharger would give you 418 horses on an LS1 with no other modifications. That being a V-9 supercharger, but, they run $4,640.70

Or with an aftercooler you'd get 470 Horsepower but that cost $6,058.10


Then, you could get a nitrous system of up to a 250 Horsepower jump

that would run you $506.95 for a Mr. Big Shot nitrous kit. But I did not see an LS1 applicable kit, only the LT1. But I am sure the cost would be of the same neighborhood.


Total that would give you 668 Horsepower for $5,147.65 or,

720 Horsepower for $6,565.05.

Take into account those are the advertised gains and not actual gains. Not to mention that is at the flywheel and not the rear tires, still though 600 rear wheel horsepower would be a safe assumption.


You could try going with a set of LS6 heads, a computer chip, throttle body, MAF sensor, pulleys, headers, intake&exhaust, intake(manifold), Energy X cam for the LS1, plus the afore mentioned nitrous

but I think you'd be a 550 horses give or take on the motor and possibly 650 or so on nitrous with a 175 shot. But the heads alone would run you $2,000 if not 3 grand.


If you have an LT1 however that is a whole 'nother matter, and I could go back and re-price stuff, and LT1 is much much cheaper to build up than an LS1. I'm not sure which you have so let me know.


Usually though, the most power-per-dollar items are these...

Nitrous, Cam, intake&exhaust.


With a cam, full Borla exhaust with a Ram or Cold air intake sytem, off the top of my head you'd be around 375 RWHP. With the right tires and suspension you could probably duke it out with a stock Z06 and come out ahead. Running a low 12 second quartermile. With nitrous you'd be in the mid 11's.

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The results....


Well, if you remember the race was between a '72 302 powered Mustang, and a 3.8L '98 Camaro.


80% of you said the Mustang would win. It was a good thing none of you had bet money on that race.


Actually, the Camaro took the Mustang by a car length from the start, and pulled away slowly to two car lengths by the end.


More comparison races to come...

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